Aion Leveling Guide – How To Make Those All-tropic, Freezing Foggy Moments Go Away

“At AAT Level 3 you will find that the world has been shrunk”, is my take on what happens at this level in Avernia. Now before I go any further I must say that while this game has amazing graphics, and a very nice sound track, I feel that it lacks something that many other games have. When I was doing this level the only way to kill mobs was to first use a bow or ranged attack, and then quickly run away, which made it quite boring. So if you are someone who likes fast paced action, this game is not for you.


In addition to this, the combat system is really not new, it’s just improved aat level 2. The problem with previous versions was that you would be stuck at a certain level if you didn’t have the right weapon/armour. This would cause all sorts of problems, like you would get hit by a deadly attack and die, or get cornered and be unable to perform your normal combo moves. With this new system though, you can switch between weapons pretty easily as you level up, which makes the combat much more exciting.


The book is very enjoyable to read too, even if you haven’t played Aion before. The story is very entertaining and shows a lot of the player’s personality. It’s easy to relate to what is happening because you are right there in the moment. Some of the details that you’ll learn about your character are very interesting, including details such as what the god of war looks like.


I also really liked the mini-games that Aion fans can do while playing the game aat level 3. These are very amusing and provide a great time sink. One game requires you to use a compass in order to find items, and another requires you to kill a dragon by using a grappling hook. These mini-games are extremely fun and provide a nice break from fighting.


The final thing I want to talk about in the book is the new racial bonuses that the Asmodian player gets. They are very strong and increase defense and attack speed. The Asmodian race makes a great combination with any character build due to their ability to support each other well. This makes them a good option for most characters. The racial bonuses also increase your gold earning potential.


Overall, this leveling guide was really helpful. While it could have gone into greater detail about some parts of the game, such as the PvE content, it covered the basics so that you shouldn’t have any problems leveling through Aion at a high level. The methods mentioned in the leveling guide worked very well for me, and now I don’t have to go back and do the quests. The in-game guide was very detailed and helped me get a good feel for the game. If you are having trouble leveling up, or just have trouble making the higher levels on certain maps, then this Aion leveling guide might be what you need.