MBT Bundle

An open source model-based testing tool

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Test Early

You can test right now! Creating workflows is independent from implementing your system.

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Test Efficient

Each time we test a workflow, a unique test case is generated. No test case are the same. Chance to find new bug is higher.

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Test Fast

Test multiple workflows at the same time.

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Build Workflow

Build workflows from your system. You can either choose from:

  • State Machine (for simple logic)
  • Workflow (for complex logic)
  • Combine them (for very complex logic)

Record Transitions

We can use Katalon Recorder to record actions, then use PHPUnit formatter for Katalon Recorder to export code for our workflow

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Create Task

Provide information so that MBT Bundle can test the system for you. All it need are:

  • Title (describe your task)
  • Workflow (created above)
  • Generator (how to test your system)
  • Reducer (how to reduce the reproduce steps)
  • Reporter (do you want to notify the bug if found?)
  • Take Screenshot (do you want screenshot for each step?)

Manage Bug

You can verify the bug that MBT Bundle found before reporting it. These action are here to help you:

  • Edit (the title)
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Reduce (make the reproduce steps even shorter)
  • Report (notify if it is actually a bug)
  • Close
  • Re-open

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