A new, modern way to test your application with less effort

What is mbtBundle?

MBT Bundle is an open-source testing tool using Model Based Testing technique. It do so much things automatically for you: generate test cases, execute test cases, find the bug, reduce the bug's reproduce steps, report the bug. So you will have time to focus on your business logic. Make your business logic clear, we will help testing them for you.

Open Source

It's open source, so it's always free.

Agile Friendly

Tools describe complex business logic (State Machine, Workflow). Early testing. Save time (from generating test cases to reporting bugs).

We Care

Examples (API, Web App, Mobile). Documentation (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).


Can test API, Web App, Mobile App.


Deployable (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes). Scalable. APIs for CI.

User Friendly

It has UI and Dashboard. Friendly file format (YAML). Capture bug's screenshot (Web, API).


Get Started


You can start a new black project so you can start testing right away:

composer create-project tienvx/mbt-bundle-skeleton my-project

With Examples

Or you can take a look at these examples to see how it work:

git clone [email protected]:tienvx/mbt-examples.git
cd mbt-examples
# Start
docker-compose up --scale worker=4
# Install
bash install.sh
# Use

Full Documentation

For more information, please check out our documentation pages. We devided into 3 parts:

  • Beginner: New users
  • Intermediate: Want to write some models
  • Advanced: Deploy and enjoy

More on GitBook


This tool is made by a PHP Developer Tien Vo at GO1 for testers and is 100% FREE under the MIT License


I hope you find this tool useful.

Found a bug, or have an idea?

Feel free to report bug at issues or submit your code to pull requests and I am happy to review it.

Tien Vo
PHP Developer

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