Predefined Case


Predefined case just like traditional automation test case. It contains pre-defined steps so that we can test it right away.

Here is an example of a predefined case: predefined-case

To create a predefined case, we need to provide:

  1. Title: What does this predefined case about
  2. Workflow: which workflow this predefined case belong to
  3. Steps:
    1. Transition: Action we want to do
    2. Data: data provided for that action
      1. Key: need to be different from other keys
      2. Value: value for that key


So why predefined case? Are test cases supposed to be generated automatically from workflow?

Good question! Predefined case is useful when we need to test specific case quickly without waiting for new test cases to be generated from workflow. Nothing will guarantee that the exact test case will be generated everytime a task is in progress. When we are in a deadline of testing system under test, this feature can be useful. But it come with a cost. We need to maintain predefined case when the workflow (business logic) changed. The more predefined cases we have, the more effort we need to put.

TypesWorkflowPredefined Case
Dynamic test caseYesNo
MaintainLess effortMore effort
Find more bugsYesNo
Quickly testDepend on generatorYes