Init Project

After playing around with our example project, you may want to start testing your system. There are 2 options for you:

  1. Remove all examples and add your own models
  2. Create new empty project from scratch

Either way works. But the later will give your more recent version of libraries.

Let try option #2:

  1. Create a project
composer create-project tienvx/mbt-skeleton my-project
  1. Install additional libraries if needed
cd my-project
composer require --dev phpunit friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer
  1. Add your own models and predefined cases to ./config/packages/dev/models and ./config/packages/dev/predefined-cases. The last part models and predefined-cases are up to you.

  2. Add code to ./src. The most important code is subject, which is in ./src/Subject directory. If you don't know what is subject is, please take a look at subject

  3. Now models and subjects are ready, let test it on your local machine first. Run this command to test the model:

env PANTHER_NO_HEADLESS=1 php bin/console mbt:model:test [MODEL_NAME] --generator random --generator-options '{"maxSteps": 20}'

[MODEL_NAME] is your_model in the file ./config/packages/dev/models/your-model.yaml:

  1. Now let test your models from UI. First, copy ./docker directory from your examples project to your project. Then, run these commands to start testing from UI:
cd docker
docker-compose up --scale worker=2
  1. Deploy Please check out deploy page