Build workflow

A workflow is a yaml file that describe your business logic Here are some example workflows: workflows

To create a workflow, we built UI for it http://localhost/#/workflows/build-workflow build-workflow

After filling data for UI, we will have content to put into a YAML file. The file will have these information:

  1. type: can be workflow or state_machine
    1. workflow: can be in more than one place simultaneously
    2. state_machine: cannot be in more than one place simultaneously
  2. supports
  3. places: list all places in this workflow
  4. initial_marking: the first places for generator to walk through the workflow
  5. transitions: list all transitions in this workflow
    1. from: the start place
    2. to: the end place

Compare workflow and state machine (again)

In workflow page, we compared workflow and state machine in a table. But there is one more different between them. It's number of places in from and to in a transition.

This is an example of a transition of a workflow with type state machine:

from: home
to: cart

And here is workflow:

- accountAdded
- billingAddressAdded
- deliveryAddressAdded
- deliveryMethodAdded
- paymentMethodAdded
- awaitingOrderConfirm
to: orderPlaced

In state machine, there must be 1 place in from, and 1 place in to. In workflow, there is no such that restriction. That different will lead to 4 terminologies:

  • And-Split: and-split
  • And-Join: and-join
  • Or-Split: or-split
  • Or-Join: or-join

Workflow can contains And-Split, And-Join, Or-Split and Or-Join. While state machine can only contains Or-Split and Or-Join

So the final table to compare between workflow and state machine will be:

TypesWorkflowState Machine
Can be in > 1 places simultaneouslyYesNo
ImageArrows, circles and squaresArrows and circles
From>= 1 places= 1 place
To>= 1 places= 1 place
ContainsAnd-Split, And-Join, Or-Split, Or-JoinOr-Split, Or-Join


Here are some useful tips:

  1. Try to make your workflow simple
  2. Try to split your business logic into small workflows
  3. Try to use directories to manage your workflows
  4. Workflow and state machine are in Worflow-Net, a sub-class of Petri-Net