Questions and Answers

  1. Q: Do I need programming skill to use it? A: Yes (PHP)
  2. Q: Do it have drag & drop feature? A: No, but we have a tool to generate workflow
  3. Q: How do I create my workflows? A: Use our tool to describe the feature you want to test. Then copy and paste in a YAML files (a user-friendly text format)
  4. Q: How do I test my workflows? A: You have to create tasks (and give enough information to the task so that it can know how to execute them e.g. workflow, generator, reducer, reporter)
  5. Q: How do I report the bug? A: The tool will automatically report the bug to 3rd party softwares (only Slack and Email for now)
  6. Q: Great, I reported the bug to developer, and he said it's fixed, how do I test it? A: You have to do 2 things:
    1. Go to the bug, click 'Test' action
    2. Create bulk tasks to do exploration test (choose random generator, choose workflows may related to the bug that has been fixed)
  7. Q: I have a project, with a lot of features, with many complex logic to test, where can I begin? A: Try to isolate into small logic, each logic can be describe in multiple workflows. Don't worry about performance, this tool is built with scalable in mind
  8. Q: What if I reported the bug, but developer said it's not a bug? A: Try these:
    1. Make sure your code (workflows, subjects) work okay
    2. This tool does not know the requirements as well as your team does, make sure to check with your team whether it's a bug, or a feature. If it's a feature, make sure your code (workflows, subjects) is updated
    3. Try to replicate the bug by yourself